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5 Amazing Android Apps In 2022

Do you want to call your dear one living abroad? Or do you want to monitor your children’s activities, or do you struggle to record your voice and edit it? Also, if you like to enhance the speed of your browser activity or want to message someone without saving their number. Live Tracker

In all these situations, you must need some apps, so in this article, we will review some great apps that have the solution to your problems. So, dive into the article.

1. Click to Chat – Direct Conversation

If you want to talk to someone without saving his/her number, then this application is the ultimate solution. You can download this app conveniently from the play store without any complications. It only takes 12 MB, so that’s another great thing about this fantastic app.

It is worth mentioning that it has more than 100k downloads when it comes to downloads. Now, let’s come to the features of the click to chat app.

Direct Conversation

The Direct Conversation feature allows you to start conversations with anyone around the globe. You can do this without saving their number. So, you don’t have to save hundreds of numbers on your cell phone.

Generate Your URL

If you are a user of this spectacular app, you can conveniently create your URL and send it to anyone. Many other apps do not provide this feature, so it will be worth installing it.

Sticker Maker and Saver

Sticker making is full of fun and thrill, and many people love to make stickers in their unique way. If you are interested in sticker making, you should surely try it. After creating the stickers, you can save them and use them anytime.

Whats Cleaner

This is the popular problem faced by almost every user when their app is filled with junk, and there is no more space left. Hence, in this case, there is a dire need for a cleaner, and luckily this app has it.


  • Work without lagging on slow net
  • Don’t take most of your space
  • Have a good range of features


  • Less popular and users are limited

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2. LastSeen

LastSeen is an authentic tracking tool for WhatsApp users. It has over a million downloads on the Play Store showing the trust and love of customers for this app. In addition to that, it has 4.2 ratings, which means that people are satisfied with the services of the LastSeen app.

When it comes to the space used by the app, it is 11MB. Now, let’s dig deeper into the features of LastSeen that will provide you with a better understanding.

Real-time Notifications

LastSeen provides you with real-time notifications. So, if anyone from your contact list is online or offline, they will send you a notification. By getting this notification, you will know which of your contacts is online at the moment.

Unlimited Contacts and Their Tracking

Are you a socially active person having thousands of contacts? If yes, this app is a good option for you. It will allow you to save as many contacts as you want. Also, you can pick one or more accounts and track all of their activities.

Therefore, this app is quite beneficial for parents to monitor their child’s activities. Also, you can check the last seen even if they turned off this feature.

Around the Clock Tracking

We can say that the around the clock tracking feature is quite fascinating, making LastSeen unique. This feature will provide you with complete details of your contacts. It also shows the duration between the online and offline timings.


  • Offers real-time notifications, tracking, etc
  • It has a handful of impeccable features
  • Has a fantastic rating of 4.2


  • Some customers face issues like accuracy

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3. VoiceFX – Voice Changer With Voice effects

VoiceFX is designed to solve your issues regarding recording voice and saving. Moreover, you can edit your voice and add effects as well. This app is well-reputed and has more than five million downloads on the PlayStore.

It has a rating of 3.8, and it takes 19MB to download. Let’s have a look at the impeccable features of the VoiceFX that you can enjoy once it is downloaded to your phone.

Voice Recording

The key feature of the app is voice recording. So, after downloading this app, you can record as many voices as you want. This whole process is relatively easy and free of any complications.

Live Voice Playback and Voice Streaming

Another feature provided by the VoiceFX developers is the live voice playback. It also provides you with this impeccable feature to live-stream your voice as well.

Editing By Adding Effects

You will get a lot of options for effects such as strong, double, mask, slow, fast, etc. In this way, you can create variety and do an extensive range of experiments with your voice.

In addition to this, by using this app, you can change your voice either to a girl’s voice, kid voice, or boy. After adding the effect, you get the following four options listed below:

  • You can share it on different mediums
  • Can save to MP3
  • Set as your phone’s ringtone
  • Set as notification ringtone


  • Has excellent and multiple features
  • You can add multiple effects
  • Allows you to live-stream voice


  • It has some negative reviews

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4. Text Me – Second Phone Number

Text Me is an app for international calling and texting. It claims to connect millions of customers to the number they want to call or text. So, this app gives you another number or second number to connect with people around the globe. You can utilize Wi-Fi or your mobile data to send infinite text messages, calls, videos, pictures, or voice messages.

Another exhilarating thing about this app is that it lends a helping hand in making your life more organized. You can use different numbers at different places as per your needs. You don’t need to utilize your personal contact number for contacting anyone.

Furthermore, you can use a second number to protect your privacy. There is another number named burner that assists in keeping your texts and calls anonymous. But if the number gets disposed of, you can avail yourself of another number. Some key features of the app are:

International Calling and Texting

The primary feature of this application is it allows calling and texting internationally with a private number. You can have several other options such as call forwarding, voicemail, number lookup, sending videos, pictures, and audio messages. In addition, you have the option of sending stickers and emojis as well.

Feature Customization

This app allows you to do customization of your text signature. You can customize your sounds and text tones too. In addition to this, there are customizable ringtones and call tones.

Passcode Privacy Lock

Passcode Privacy Lock enables you to keep your messages secure and private. There is also an option to hide or block text messages. This option also assists in making sure that your messages are private.

Dark and Light Mode

Like other built-in features of light and dark mode, this app has its own feature. Using it, you can either turn your screen light or dark depending upon your preferences.

Sharing of GPS Location

Another great feature of the Text Me app is sharing GPS locations that will allow you to share your location anytime.


  • Has an excellent rating of 4.2
  • Allows international calling and texting
  • Provide several numbers


  • No service after payment, sometimes

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5. Net Optimizer: Optimize Ping

Net Optimizer is an app that enables you to connect with the fastest DNS server along with a speed test. If you are wondering what benefits you can get from the net optimizer, we’ll be discussing them here.

So, this app assists you in finding and connecting with the fastest DNS server depending upon your network and location. It also aids in making the speed of web surfing better with faster response time.

Net optimizer also fixes lag and alleviates latency, also called ping time on virtual games, to make your gaming experience even better. Here we are going to share some features of this amazing app. Download Now Net Optimizer

Connect With DNS

With just one click, you can connect with the DNS server that is the fastest in your area, and it will help optimize your connection. Often, we find that although our internet speed is the fastest, web browsing speed is not up to the mark.

So, there might be an issue with your DNS in this situation. Therefore, by fixing the problem of DNS, this issue can be sorted out.

Works For Both Wi-Fi and Mobile

Whether you are a Wi-Fi user or mobile data, you can use this app in both cases. This app is perfect and works on both these networks faster and efficiently, which makes this app more user-friendly.

Scan DNS Servers Manually

Another feature of this app is the scanning of all DNS servers manually. So, in this way, you can get an ample opportunity to see complete details by yourself. Also, it automatically detects or finds out the changes in the data connection and optimizes the network.


  • Easy interface for use and quick
  • Assists in optimizing your connection
  • Has Good and positive reviews


  • Need improvements, according to some reviewers.

Final Thoughts: Top Apps For Use In 2022

To sum up the app review article, we must say that these apps have incredible features. They can assist you in making your life easy by providing you with fantastic services. Are you using any of these applications? If so, share your experience with us in the comments section.

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