8 Tips to Increase Battery Life of Your Phone

8 Tips to Increase Battery Life of Your Phone

Battery life is the most notable concern in today’s era as no one wants to keep mobile on charging every time. There are many tasks people have to perform on their phones. To achieve any kind of task, they need a reliable and powerful battery to last for long.

Since the batteries of a high-standard smartphone are expensive, you need to find some ways to avoid battery drainage. Are you also looking to know some tips to increase the battery life of your phone? No worries, you are in the right place to get the solution to your problem.

In this post, we will discuss 8 best tips to increase the battery life of your phone. These tips work on every phone, including iPhone or Android. By following these tips, your battery lifespan will also be improved. Let’s start:

  1. Keep the Screen Brightness Low:

If you are working in an environment inside the room (office), keep low brightness as much as possible. The phones having sharp screens with more pixels use more battery, which works with such phones.

In case you work outdoors, you can use high brightness above 90 or up to 100. You can adjust the brightness either manually or set at automatic.

  1. Switch to Dark Mode Option:

The latest phones come with an option to switch from light to dark mode. According to specialists, when you switch to dark mode, the pixels using the battery also turn off. It results in saving more battery than in the light mode. Also Read: Ghazi Tv App For Android Ultimate Expert Review

If your phone does not have a dark mode option, you can install dark themes. Also, you can install some apps, which have a dark mode option.

  1. Prefer Wi-Fi over Data Network:

When using a mobile data network for connecting to the internet can utilize most of your battery life. This is because the data network operates between both the 3G and 4G at the same time. It results in drawing more power and uses more battery.

So, it would help if you preferred a Wi-Fi connection over a data network because it remains stable. Note that you keep the Wi-Fi turned off while using data.

  1. Put Background Apps to Sleep:

Your phone has many power-draining apps that keep it busy in the background using data and send you notifications. It is the most significant issue, and many mobile users are unaware of this ongoing process. You should put unused apps to sleep from the setting of your phone.

Moreover, you can make a selection of apps you want to put into sleep. You can also disable those apps that you never use.

  1. Avoid Live Wallpapers and Widgets:

Live and dynamic wallpapers draw energy from your display to animate them. You are advised to use a background with the least colors; black is recommended. The more colors your display shows, the more it will drain power.

Plus, widgets work as an active program performing right from the screen. So, the phone uses power to keep the feature run.

  1. Consider Turning Off Location Services:

You know that whenever you install an app and open it, it asks to allow your location. It uses the GPS receiver of your phone and is among the significant power-draining factors. You should turn off the location services to let the battery work for other vital apps.

You can entirely turn off GPS on your phone, but it is an essential entity. Do not allow location services for all of the apps you use.

  1. Use Power Saving Mode at Times:

When you are using your phone for important tasks, and your battery falls to 15 percent, you can switch power-saving mode. It automatically reduces screen brightness, pixels, lowers processing speed, and stops background services.

You can set any of these settings and notice an estimation of the extra battery life getting on each adjustment. It allows you to maintain the battery for many days with access to necessary apps. You can also use battery saver app From Here

  1. Disable Automatic Assistant Apps:

Most people use assistant apps to help them in their daily tasks, and it is a useful practice. But these apps, such as Google Assistant, have features that draw the most energy from your phone. Also, the wake command uses batteries up to a greater extent.

So, you can turn these apps off to increase battery life of your phone. Try to practice alternatives to replace their functions.

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