MagicCall App Review: Best During Call Voice Changer for Android

Are you planning to prank your friends on your mobile phone?

A voice changer is the best option. Changing the authentic voice on the phone call is the best source of entertainment.

You can change your voice into a female vocalist, or you can also adjust the pitch of your voice. In this way, no one can identify you, and you easily puzzle your friend.

MagicCall app is the best choice during call voice changer for android. It is the funniest and top-rated voice changer application. We are going to review this application in this content.

Best During Call Voice Changer for Android: Overview

MagicCall is the best choice in a real sense if you want to prank your friends. Because due to its unique voice changing feature, no one can identify the natural voice. Not only a single option, but there is a list of voice notes that you can select according to your choice.

Besides the voice changing option, this magical application also provides you the opportunity to record your call and edit this recording.

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Features of MagicCall

There are many unique features of this voice changer application, but a few are listed below. Let’s have a look first:

Multiple Voice Changer Option

In this application, you can see the list of voice changers. It means that you can change your voice into a female singer or convert it into a kidding tone.

Besides these options, you can select the voice of famous heroes. In simple words, you can search for the voice on the search bar, and you quickly get the required note.

Background Sound Effect

There is no issue if you add background sound with your voice during the live call; you can manage this function with your authentic voice. Such as you can play the drum beating sound to the background of your voice.

In addition, you can also play the sound lyrics that make your call more entertaining. So, what are you waiting for? Get the app and enjoy.

Earning Opportunity

No doubt it is the best entertaining application, but you can also earn from this application. But the question is: How can we make money from this platform?

The answer to this question is that you can earn by referring to the link of this application. You have to rank this application as a reward. It will give you money.

But clear your mind, this application will not give you profit on every call; you earn by referring this application link with your beloved ones.

Easy to Use Application

The Interface of this application is very easy. You have to download this application into your android. After that, you have to open it and dial the number, but before dialing the number, select the voice you want to introduce yourself, I mean in male or female voice. Press the recording button displayed on the top right corner of this application.

Call Recording

Yes, it also gives you the recording option; there is no need to install another recording application from the play store. The recording is just on a single click. This is not the simple recording option; it is the recording of the changed voice. In this way, after recording, you can share it with your friends on different social media platforms.

Automatic Calling

Save your unique number in the “Add Number” option and set the timer. After the fixed time, you received the call; in this way, you can impress your friends with this prank call option. In this way, you can show yourself busy in the different calls.

How to Download and Run MagicCall

Well, if we talk about the downloading option, then the play store is the best choice. Please search for the MagicCall, select it, and press the downloading option; install it into your android phone after successful downloading. Manage the setting of this application according to your will.

After successful download, it will request you to allow the different permission buttons in your android so that this application will do its work in an absolute sense. You have to enable the voice recording option as well as request you to allow the camera option.

Pros of MagicCall

  • This application is entirely free
  • Ready to use application
  • It gives you the option of a free trial call

Cons of MagicCall

  • There is Ads Preview on this application
  • Restriction on International Calls

Final Words

We reviewed this MagicCall app in detail. It is a multifunctional app. This application serves you as the best during call voice changer for android. By it, you can enjoy the funny situation in an absolute sense.

No one can quickly note your authentic voice on the live call. For More Visit Our Homepage.

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You can prank your friend through this application, record this call, and share on different social media sites as a memer.

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