Best Guide for Checking SIM Ownership Details

If you want to register a new SIM against your CNIC, you should know about the number of SIMS already registered against your CNIC.

The reason for this is that you cannot register more than five SIMS against the same identity.

In case you have already registered five SIMS, you are not eligible for the registration of the new SIM. You need to block one of your older SIM, or you may also convert that number to any of the new services.

How to Check the Number of SIMs Registered against your CNIC?

If you want to check how many SIMs have been issued in your name, that’s quite a simple process. If you are checking it via mobile, you just need to type your identity number in a blank message. Remember not to put any hyphens while typing your CNIC number.

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Once you have typed your CNIC, just send it to 668. Wait for a while, and you will receive an SMS from PTA. There will be mentioned the number of SIMs registered against your CNIC and the names of people who are using that SIMs.

How to Check the Number of SIMs Registered against your CNIC Online?

Well, if you don’t have a mobile phone at the moment and want to check your SIM details, that’s not a problem. You may also use your computer to find that out. Just go to google and type there “”.

Search that, and you will get a screen where you need to enter your CNIC number. Enter your CNIC and after verifying the captcha, click submit. You will get the complete details about the number of SIMs issued on your CNIC and their names.

How to Check your SIM Details Manually?

If you don’t have an internet connection for some reason, you can also check your SIM details manually. You may also check your SIM details by visiting the Franchise of any SIM company in your area.

You need to visit the Franchise during working hours and inform them about your issue. They will need your CNIC, and in seconds they will give you a print of all your SIM details.

It is the simplest way to check your SIM details as you only need to give your CNIC, and you will get the details. However, you have to visit the office personally as they may also demand your fingerprint.

How to Check the Details of an Unknown SIM Number?

If someone is disturbing you with an unknown number and wants to know who it is, that is not the thing to be worried about. Just go to google and search there “” It is a website where you can quickly check all the details about a number.

Just enter the number there and select the country name and then go for a search button. You may check the owner’s name, address, CNIC, family details, and much more.

Limitations of the Above Mentioned Methods:

You may use the methods mentioned above to find the details of SIMs registered against your CNIC. Moreover, we also mentioned a method to check the details of an unknown number, which is not applicable everywhere.

These methods work but for some limited people because it is not easy to get some private information about anybody. Some authorities have the right to check this information for security purposes, but an ordinary man can’t get these details easily.

If you are having some serious security problem, then you may contact the relevant authority, and they will check it out. But still, you wouldn’t be able to get the details of an unknown person.

Final Words:

These are the simplest methods to check the complete details of the SIMs registered against your identity number. We have checked all these methods personally, and after that, we have mentioned them here. So don’t worry about if they may work or not.

Checking someone’s personal information may not be right except if you are having some problem.

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We have mentioned that method here for your knowledge only, that if you might face some trouble at any time, you should know how to tackle it.

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