Best Photo Recovery App for Android in 2021

Sometimes you might have deleted your photos unintentionally, or sometimes, it happens accidentally. You may then be looking for the best photo recovery app to recover your files. Here we have 3 top photo recovery apps to recover any of your deleted photos quickly. Some of these apps can even restore your other deleted files like videos and audio etc. Many apps claim that they can recover deleted photos, but they can’t. The reason is that they don’t have access to the previous media on your phone. Let’s have a deep talk on every photo recovery app.
  1. DiskDIgger
Disk Digger is premium quality and the best photo recovery app for android users. Disk Digger does not require your device to be rooted. The app has two modes. One is the free mode, and the other one is the premium. Moreover, it also has a free version where you can recover all your deleted photos. Photos deleted one week ago can be quickly recovered through the regular scan of the app. You will need an advanced scan to recover the photos that you deleted more than a week ago. Remember that with the free mode, you can only recover your deleted photos. If you have lost your video or audio and want to recover them, you have to use the premium version. You have to pay for the premium version, but it’s worth it. When we talk about the pros and cons of the DIskDigger, it has only one drawback. The only con is that you can restore video with the free version of the app. However, you can restore photos of any type, and the app automatically uploads them to the cloud.
  1. Dumpster
Dumpster is second among the list of top three best photo recovery apps in 2021. Just as you have a recycle bin on your PC, it is the recycle bin of your phone. With this app, you can restore all the deleted files of yours, even your messages. When you run other photo restoring apps to recover your files, they scan your phone to find them. On the other hand, Dumpster creates a copy of every file that you delete at any time. In this way, it saves your time in scanning the device. There is another fantastic feature in this app which most users like. You can set a timer for the recycle bin so that it may take auto clean everything after some time. Moreover, it also has an auto-backup feature. No cons are ever found in this app.
  1. Android Data Recovery
Android data recovery is a data recovery website that ranks third among the best photo recovery apps. Though it is not an app, you can still use it to recover deleted files on your android. Android data recovery has several features that make it one of the best sources to recover deleted files. You can easily recover your deleted photos, videos, files, documents, and even deleted contacts through android data recovery. If you have accidentally formatted your SD card, this app also helps you recover lost SD card files. The features that make android data recovery unique are the recovery of data from broken phones, screen capture, and file backup. read more articles like this. The only drawback of android data recovery is that it doesn’t have a mobile app. Even without a mobile app, billions of people use this website to recover their lost files and data. A mind-blowing fact about android data recovery is that it supports over 8000 android devices. Final Words In the end, we would say that this was the list of the top 3 best photo recovery apps of 2021. You can use any of them to recover your files. Most android apps have google photos installed on them. You can also recover your photos through this, but you have to recover within 60 days. Some apps weaken the quality of the image or video while restoring them, but these are the top-quality apps. They restore the image in its original form, whether it may be PNG or JPEG. Download Now We would recommend you to use Disk Digger and buy the premium version to get more features.

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