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The call history manager registers up to more than 1000 days and enters your accessibility list. Quick and advanced search options help you easily access help data.

Your call log includes many other features to manage easily and effectively.

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Note that this application has been removed from the phone before installing it, which can not recover the call history. After installation, this application stays connected even if the phone is deleted.

View SMS history: You can now see the details of SMS on the Contact Details screen.

Statistics:  Improved data screen.

Search for AdWords: use different filters to remove and delete options to export Outlook to find the Explorer call log.

Backup and restore: Call history manager provides a backup of call history so you can restore it later. If you do not have an account yet, sign up now! This video has been sent badly.

Export Export: Call History Manager allows you to export call records in Outlook format.

Contact details: The user can tap on any call initiation to view the contact details of a specific contact. You can also see the calls made between this contact.

Add fake call: Call history manager allows you to enter false call logs.

Automatically delete call log: this function allows you to automatically delete call numbers after starving.

Protect your contacts: The fact is that your calls will be more attractive, plus a backup system backup and sync. Easily backup your contact and call history, so that they should always be with you.

Customization: In addition, the phone + is something related to you and you can adjust yourself. Your contacts will be shipped or sent to any third party at any time. You can choose different topics and options that are easy for you!


  • Subscribe ID
  • Backup touch and call history
  • Fast action with + call
  • Compound double touch
  • Fast set
  • Screen connection on screen is displayed.

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Select a standard image of unknown phone number. Now you can already set a recorded video security phone. If you are not satisfied with the standard size of the contact, do not install any problem with the gallery or take a camera image.

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