Clash of Clans Beginner Tips – 2019

Clash of Clans Beginner Tips – 2019

beginner tips only game clash of clans now fans been around for a long time now about you know six or seven years now and people who play in the game a little while now especially the people who’ve been following me you know how to play the game already but just in case there’s any way out there that just picked up the game and has no idea what they’re doing this article is for you guys just some beginner tip from when you first start playing so I’ve already gone through the tutorial like right when you log in and start playing the game so once you skipped over that part now you need to focus on building your townhall and your face up so all you’re gonna really want to do in the first few levels of clash of clans is really focused on building your clan castle clan castle is gonna be the most essential thing to you at this low level because the clan castle will allow you to join hold on go into clan see it will allow you to join clans and you can get reinforcements and tips and all that look good stuff from clan mates and any other person that you know is part of the clan so just the biggest tip for Town Hall you know twos and threes and you know so on so forth it’s just a max out your Town Hall but really focus on trying to get the clan castle so you need ten thousand gold in order to do that so you need to focus on upgrading your storages as I’ll do right here and take about 15 minutes and then you know also putting down more storages

alright so all you need to really do at this point in time is build everything you can and upgrade everything you can and so you can move on to the next town hall and really start focusing on building your cranked out the clan castle is going to be your number one objective this low in classic clans also another thing for people who are just starting a game if you are having trouble deciding what you need to next if you click on the little builder up here the phone alright it’ll let you know it’ll have suggested upgrades and they don’t have things that you haven’t put down yet I haven’t put down any new walls yet so if I click on the wall it’ll take me straight to it it’ll point to it you click on it and then you just build your walls okay so anybody that has like you know what should I build next what did I upgrade next the game will suggest the cheapest options first so if I click on it again it’ll be the collectors the mines or the storage so I just click on it boom upgrade it’s about a minute it’s very easy very quick at the beginning of the game it’ll get increasingly longer but it’s not too bad at the first it’s not too difficult to play the game in the beginning you just got to really focus on getting yourself so you need ten thousand gold and you can only hold 2,500 right now so you need to focus on upgrading your storages and of course your Town Hall

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because your Town Hall will allow you to hold more gold as well also some other tips you also have a three-day shield in order to build up you know somewhat some strength in order to prepare it being you know pretty attacked by other players stuff like that but until then you can use the goblins and attack the goblins to get the resources that you need I only have six barbarians loaded right now so you don’t want to attack this base with just you know five or six barbarians you want to make sure that you have a full army to attack with so you’re not shorted on an attack you don’t lose people too quickly and all that other good stuff also make sure to upgrade your barracks as well just upgrade everything upgrade everything make sure everything’s upgraded you unlock stuff you get POW and get more stronger and all that other good stuff again this is just beginner to see people who are just starting to play game I know I’m gonna be a little late to this but it seems the lower level town halls is really what people are looking for my talents Expedia has the most views on my web so perhaps there are a lot more people starting the game than we think all right so that’s what this article is for and good or just finished dinner so let’s go ahead something else a while we’re waiting for our troops to be filled but alright so I’m gonna just keep what I’m gonna do basically is keep raiding goblins and the Goblin campaign gets too hard I’ll just search for an actual match and attack somebody with some good loot but I’m gonna keep doing that over and over and over again until I can upgrade all my stuff to where I can hold that doesn’t go to unlock or rebuild the clan castle this is that’s your main focus like I said so whatever you got to do to get 10,000 gold so you can you know rebuild your clan castle

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that’s what you need to focus on all right I’m gonna cut the article here and we’re gonna come back and once the clan castle was rebuilt we’re gonna I’ll take it from there all right okay so we are back and I just spent all of my coins to rebuild the clan house I’m going to exit out a bit here my clan castle has been built all right so it’s a level 1 clan castle I got zero out of ten troop in here so now we can join clan so if we click join now it’ll give us a bunch of recommendations for joining a clan all right so you can join anyone in the clan jump right in boom click understand and you have all these new members now now for what I would recommend to do is to not do it like this because you’re gonna run into clans that look at this this is this a spammy he’s just a mess of a clan right now so these are the type of clans you don’t want to I would never try to plant like that I would definitely go into global like this and I would ask is there any clans recruiting alright so this what I put into a global chat and see if anybody you know is looking for a low level person or just members in general there are tons of clans out there that are constantly looking for members to join so what I would do I’m just going to leave this clan real quick again boom this is what I would do I would search for clans and this is what I’ve done for some of my lower level you know I’m restarting another count here’s my 8th account so I would go to either rec and leave Iraq and leave home and then okay so that’s climbing that one closed sorry this clan right here Wow 40,000 okay this guy these guys are definitely active when it comes to it let’s jump in there open and see if [Music] eleven people are online excellence we’re gonna request right here all right so I’m gonna request alright and they filled that guy up that filled me up boom look at level eight balloons and archers and not what I’m gonna do okay real quickly bookmark bookmark it so you can come back and leave all right so now now you have these really good strong troops in here in your clan castle plan and then bookmark and then one discipline that you just joined alright so these guys have a lot of donations that they’re pretty active when it comes to donating all right so this is the clan I would continuously go back to they get more troops alright so say I use let’s just use these guys real quickly go into this goblin outpost let’s just attack attack attack let’s say I just use that okay so now I use my CC troops your clan castle troops alright so they’re gonna go in and smash this base they’re pretty powerful I mean those are max level troops right there and it goes down easily Archer tower or the other cannon goes down easily as well and then goes alive structure easy easy got a thousand golden elixir and completely smashed base now in 8 minutes and 50 seconds what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go back into my bookmark and go back into that clan re-rack and get some more now what I like to do is have multiples of these I don’t just like to have one clan because sometimes you know they get tired or they get off and there’s nobody on so if you want you can multiple you can go to wreck and leave or wreck and go clans again I would find clans that are on the only planet you can join and you look at it look at that seven hundred and twenty-five thousand donations these guys are definitely a holy jesus these guys are definitely active so what you’re gonna want to do is boom you’re gonna bookmark them as well and then you’re going to join them when you can be there for I did yes 50 so that way you have multiple options so if people so if I turn this back off and I look see how it says closed now look at this this is an active rectangle clan they actively give troops but they’re closed right now so there must be not anybody on nobody’s on right now so that’s why you want to have multiples I guess I can click on it as well now I have three and whoever is open I will go to and get troops now what that way you always have good troops coming in and it’ll help you grow up pretty quickly and all that good stuff right you’ll have to worry about base designs you attack strategies all like those all the other stuff at Town Hall what to Town Hall 3 I mean if you want to I’ll make separate articles on that as well but at the Town Hall 3 level your honesty your main focus is just to max the base out it shouldn’t take too long to max a Town Hall 3 Town Hall 4 even town low fives and sixes really honestly should not take that long to max out but with the assistance of the REC and go clans you can literally max out and defend your base very easily because they give out max troops and it’s I mean anything at this level is helpful so that’s what I recommend for any beginner starting out get your clan castle first and then if you can’t join a good clan use the REC and go strategy find a clan jump in jump out and then ten minutes later jump back in get some more troops all that good stuff so that’s all I have for people who are just starting to play other than that guys I mean that’s pretty much it max out your base and then move on to the next town hall I mean you need to make sure that you have with all these required buildings you have to put everything down before you can move on to the next town hall that’s

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