Insaf Imdad App: An Ultimate Review

Punjab government of Pakistan launched the Insaf Imdad App for the welfare of their lower-class people. Usman Buzdar, Chief Minister of Pakistan, passed this policy. Through this scheme, needy people can get 4000 monthly without any difficulty. You have to register yourself to get the benefit from this project.

Everyone knows the Corona pandemic badly affect all of us. Corona affects not only health but also our business, and people feel difficulty meeting their expenditures. They are living hand to mouth in this pandemic. In this regard, the Government of Punjab took great initiative to help the needy and poor people.

But make sure you only get monthly 4000 if you are eligible for that. Government checks your complete details after your registration. Twenty-five lakh families will get a monthly package from this scheme; the cost of this project is almost 10 Arab.

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What Is the Insaf Imdad App?

Insaf Imdad App is fully loaded with the latest features and options. It is a type of social site that the government of Pakistan launches. This is not a local site; this site is run by the gov. of Pakistan that shows genuine authenticity. There is no copy of this web.

This application offers you the registration form for this scheme. If you want to benefit from it, you have to download this application from the play store if you are an android user. Visit the play store and press the download button; after that, install it, and at the end, get registered on this application.

For the registration, you have to put your phone number and identification card number.

Features of Insaf Imdad App

This application is fully loaded with the latest features and options. But this application is simple and easy to use. You just put your personal information on the registration form. You get the registration code after the sign-up option. Make sure 19.3.9 android is required to download this Insaf Imdad App on your mobile phone.

This application is just 7.4 MB, not a heavy application. If we talk about the rating of this app, then we can proudly say that it is a highly ranked app. It is a 4.1 rating app. Telecommunication companies are linked with this application by the instructions of the government of Punjab.

There is a single purpose of this app to fill the InsafImdad registration form. Everything is straightforward; you have to give your data, such as your name, contact number, identification card number, and press the submit button. You have to fulfill some of the requirements that are listed in the form.

Your information will not be shared with anyone. You need not worry about your privacy. On the other hand, you get an immediate response after registration, and if your application is approved, you can receive aid directly into your mobile account.

Pros and Cons of Insaf Imdad App

We know that everything has pros and cons. Like any app, the Insaf Imdad App has some faults. Such as this application not gives you the data recovery option. If you forget your password, you will lose the complete data that you have entered. After registration, you have no right to check your share details.

Once you put the data, you cannot make changes to it. Another significant issue is that it takes much time to send you the registration code. The user of this application does not feel good in this situation.


There are many benefits of this application. Some of the pros are listed below:

  • This application is easy to use
  • High privacy application
  • Get fast response
  • The application form is available on single click
  • Everyone requires registration
  • Telecommunication companies are linked with the app


  • No data recovery or data record
  • The review button is missing
  • Cancel registration option is unavailable
  • Sometimes, it takes time to sign up
  • This app takes time to send you registration code

Final Words

The government is working on this application to remove little bit mention errors from this application. But overall, Insaf Imdad App is much popular and smoothly running.

Lots of people get benefit from it. They get aid offered by the government just with a single click. For more informative content visit our Homepage.

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You must try this application to register your needy and poor people.

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