Internet Speed Meter For Android

Internet Speed Meter For Android

If you want to govern the rate of your Internet connection always similarly to controlling the speed and statistics you consume every day, especially useful for the ones users with records plans limited to a monthly amount, you may download an app like Internet Speed Meter.

Display your connection velocity within the popularity bar

This application presents real-time statistics from the Android fame bar. You’ll see the quantity of data ate up always and in a touch more detail in case you slide it down. By having access to the application you will even have a detailed file of your consumption with detailed records on a every day basis.

The following is a breakdown of the information provided:

  • Connection velocity in bytes or bits in keeping with second.
  • Quality of the acquired signal.
  • Amount of mobile statistics ate up.
  • Amount of wifi records consumed.

Undoubtedly a good tool to know in detail how each your facts connection and the wifi networks you connect with work.

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