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As part of the commercial enterprise community, we apprehend the importance of safety and safety of human beings in addition to the criticality of business continuity. Therefore, we desired to proportion what Jazz is doing for the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pakistan is on the list of high-impact countries and we must work collectively to counter this. We are sharing what we are doing and eager to listen on the way you are handling the situation, and if we can be of any assistance.

In instances like these, telecommunications and digital services become crucial gear – Jazz serves sixty one million customers and hundreds of leading firms that serve over 2 hundred million Pakistanis. Our precedence is to #FlattenTheCurve and decrease the threat.

Together, we can ensure that Pakistan takes the important steps to defend our collective well being and ensure commercial enterprise continuity, and to help the government inside the country wide reaction effort.


  • Ensuring clear communique to growth consciousness
  • Implementing a mandatory ‘work-from home’ regime
  • Distributing hand sanitizers and face masks
  • Making employee helpline available 24/7
  • Circulating records and conducting training for all business partners


  • Work with Government to build vital recognition on testing and treatment, and to help counter dis-facts.
  • Ensure quality services to support consumer connectivity, preferably through digital channels.
  • Increase bill reimbursement thresholds to avoid blockading of services.
  • Eliminating cash by way of supporting virtual payments – Through JazzCash, customers can make payments online.
  • Create Awareness- Jazz is the use of its digital mediums to tell and educate our customers and companions to better equip them to stand the crisis.
  • Connect B2B customers: Jazz Business, is trying to facilitate remote running through virtual tools and services.

Terms And Conditions:

  • This offer’s incentive is usable between 8am – 6pm.
  • Call Setup fee of Rs. 0.15 per call is applicable.
  • Get 10 GB free data.
  • Unlimited Jazz to Jazz Minutes.

How to Subscribe

Dial *114*17# From Your Phone.

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