Lifesum – Diet Plan, Macro Calculator & Food Diary

Food Diary and Macro Tracker

Macro Masterstasting is easy with our Macro Tracker – make sure you reach the right energy structure with the macro calculator. Just scan barcode for macro and nutrition information, or manually enter.

Find out how to track small habits can have a huge difference and add millions of people to your healthy, happy journey.

Download Lifetime and Get Healthy Today! The Daily Federation is also available to keep you in mind and helps reduce your weight.

Lifesam is integrated with Google Fit and S Health, so you can use lifestyles and data from lifestyle to Google Fit and S Health and use data, and fitness data and weight and body measurement back to life. Can be imported into life

Get a lively premium membership to help with natural apps such as special nutrition and detailed nutrition information, and fitness applications like Leon, Nokia Health, Fatite, Jobon, Adomodo and Ranchper.

Weight loss and diet planning

Reduce weight with your personal diet plan. Take your test, which food planor is right for you. We have the right plan and diet tips for everything between our weight loss goals, diet and everything in between.


  • Food planning and diet tips for any purpose – lose weight and eat healthy
  • Cato, vegetables, 5: 2 more food and plans
  • Calorie counter and food tracker with barcode scanner for easy logging
  • See your daily macro, nutrition and calorie

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