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Moment has made an assertion this week that the Moment Pro Camera app for Android is being discontinued. The organization stated that it’s too hard making the app well suited. It’s getting extra tough with all of the various Android gadgets out there. The problem is likewise getting worse with every launch of a more recent Android operating system.

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Since Android makes use of a ton of various telephone manufacturers, retaining the Android app like minded is becoming too time consuming. The time spent on trying to make the app like minded may want to be higher spent on developing new features. It also doesn’t assist when humans are jogging on diverse variations of the Android working system.

If you have a lens that become developed by means of Moment, you shouldn’t worry too much. You can use the lenses with different digicam apps on Google Play Store. That is some good news here because the Moment lenses are like minded with a ton of different apps.

 It’s not such as you won’t be able to use your Moment lenses anymore. The disadvantage is that the Moment Pro Camera app contained many functions and controls. These controls were useful if you had been into images in a more serious way.

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You have to have received an e-mail this week letting you understand approximately the Android app being discontinued in case you are a Moment customer. The e-mail become from the co-founding father of Moment, Marc Barros. Within the e mail, Barros talks about loving Android itself but feels that seeking to maintain to expand the Android app is taking up an excessive amount of engineering power.

Moment Camera App Future?

The electronic mail also talks approximately how every Android manufacturer places out a device with various digital camera capabilities. The variances in functions make the app compatibility hard and random. As more Android versions are released, this problem with compatibility is most effective turning into even more of an problem with the enterprise. Fragmentation and different various problems have been a trouble on Android for a while, and it most effective seems to be getting worse.

Barros has also commented approximately how iOS has a standard on the subject of digicam capabilities and access. For Moment, making the iOS app is a whole lot easier. With iOS, there’s a fixed wellknown in vicinity regardless of which iPhone or other iOS devices you own. Developers on Android aren’t almost as constant and there’s no preferred so it’s a much more complicated process.

If that is disappointing information to you, then we do have some good news. You might be happy to understand that the Moment Pro Camera App goes to live on the Google Play Store. You can still buy the app for $3.99 just as before. It’s no longer like you won’t be able to still buy, download, and use the Moment Pro Camera app for Android anymore. It’s just that there can be no new capabilities introduced to the Android app and updates also are going to stop at this factor in time.

The other piece of good news is you can nevertheless use the Moment lenses with other camera apps to be had on Google Play Store. We’ve stated that already but it’s essential to keep this in mind moving forward. In the feedback below, we need to recognize what you think of this information.

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