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MyTherapy is an ad-free, award-triumphing tablet reminder and remedy tracker. But MyTherapy is more than a free medicinal drug reminder: Combining a pill tracker, temper tracker and a fitness magazine, e.G. With a weight tracker, this medication reminder app lets in you and your physician to put your treatment’s fulfillment into perspective.

Key Features

  • Pill reminder app for all medications
  • Pill tracker with logbook for skipped and confirmed intakes
  • Support for wide range of dosing schemes within remedy reminder
  • Track your tablets, dose, measurements, sports as a comprehensive health journal
  • Family sharing
  • Share your printable health journal with your physician

Wide range of measurements for all conditions (diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, tension, melancholy, hypertension, a couple of sclerosis) e.G. Weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels,

Comprehensive meds reminder

We designed a remedy reminder app that puts all your medicine needs in one place: Pill reminders (e.G. For birth manipulate pills), a complete database of OTC and Rx medications, assist for any dosage form (tablet, tablet, inhalation, …) frequency, and even fill up reminders. And because the app is not best a tablet alarm, but additionally a remedy tracker, you just want to test its pill diary to make certain you’ve taken that important dose.

A fitness tracker for your desires

MyTherapy is the result of us closely working with human beings taking medications. People with diabetes use the integrated weight tracker and hold track in their blood glucose. Also, they use it as logbook for insulin and a medicinal drug reminder for Metformin etc. The built-in mood tracker helps you to keep tune of your mental fitness or melancholy. Review your fitness the use of the blood stress log, your temper diary or other factors of your health magazine. MyTherapy can be a exceptional app to many, with some the use of it as depression app whilst others refer to it as stroke app, most cancers app, or weight tracker.

A tracker for mood, weight, blood stress and extra

You can not simplest log your meds, however additionally music your mood and popular well-being in the app’s temper diary. Record measurements e.G. Blood pressure and weight. If you are residing with diabetes and are on Insulin, you may use MyTherapy as diabetes logbook and tune blood glucose. Overall, MyTherapy supports ~50 measurements. The app’s symptom tracker is famous e.G. With users residing with more than one sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis or cardiovascular diseases inclusive of Atrial Fibrillation.

Motivation to take your meds

Receive a beautiful image of the day as motivation to take your medicinal drug. Involve circle of relatives and buddies with MyTherapy Team and efficiently manage together. And you could actually have your circle of relatives see in case you’ve neglected a med no matter the tablet reminder, if you want to help you stay on song.

MyTherapy is for you, no matter in case you are taking antibiotic drugs or deal with hypertension, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, more than one sclerosis, tension or melancholy which might be regularly complicated. MyTherapy is remedy tracker and health journal. Have peace of thoughts from medicine reminders and fitness tracker.

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