PUBG MOBILE Arcane Pros and Cons

PUBG MOBILE: Arcane is an updated version of the original PUBG MOBILE game that was released back in 2017. There are many new features and improvements, but there are also cons to this updated version. In this blog post, we will discuss some pros and cons of playing PUBG MOBILE.

Pros of PUBG MOBILE: Arcane

Better Graphics – The graphics are better in this version. There is less lag, and the whole game looks great on high definition screens. You can also change the graphics to low if your device cannot handle it so you don’t have to stop playing entirely! It’s nice that there is an option for everyone.

Better Controls – The controls are easier to use, and it’s much more intuitive than the original PUBG MOBILE game. You can also change the controls if you don’t like them as well!

New Maps – There are a lot of new maps available in this version which means you will never get bored of the maps.

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New Vehicles – There are new vehicles to use, and they can be very helpful during gameplay! It’s nice that you have more options for transportation.

Cons of PUBG MOBILE: Arcane

No Squads – The biggest con is that there are no squads in this version. You are stuck playing with randoms, and that can be frustrating.

Limited Time – The time limit is also shorter in this game. It’s only four minutes long instead of the original eight minutes. This might not seem like a big deal, but it can make all the difference in a close match.

Overall, PUBG MOBILE: Arcane is a great update to the original game. The graphics are better, the controls are easier to use, and there are new maps and vehicles. There are also some cons, but they aren’t deal breakers. If you’re looking for a fun and challenging mobile game, then PUBG MOBILE: Arcane is a great choice!

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