Recover Video, Photo & Contacts with EaseUS MobiSaver APK

EaseUS MobiSaver APK is a powerful data recovery software that allows you to quickly and easily recover lost photo, video and contact files from your Android device. EaseUS MobiSaver scans your phone’s storage for deleted or lost media so you can find what you’re looking for in no time! EaseUS MobiSaver supports most popular media file formats such as JPEG, PNG, MOV, MP4 and more. If EaseUS MobiSaver finds any images that were taken with the camera on your phone, it will also show thumbnails of them so they are easier to identify. This makes EaseUS MobiSaver one of the best solutions for recovering photos and videos from an Android.


– EaseUS MobiSaver is a data recovery software that works on Android

– EaseUS MobiSaver can recover deleted or lost photos, videos and contacts from your phone’s storage

– EaseUS MobiSaver supports many popular file formats such as JPEG, PNG, MOV etc.

– EaseUS MobiSaver can recover files from your Android phone’s storage, even if it is not mounted

– EaseUS MobiSaver has a preview function that shows thumbnails of the possible photos and videos EaseUS MoBiSaver could find on your device

– EaseUS MoBiSaver installs quickly to any Windows, Mac or Linux computer

– EaseUS MoBiSaver is a powerful piece of software for any user who wants to recover deleted photos and videos from their Android phone’s storage.

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How EaseUS MobiSaver APK Works:

When EaseUS MobiSaver scans your Android device it will look through the available media files to find any that were deleted from the device. EaseUS MobiSaver will then show thumbnails of all the photos and videos it found so it’s easy for you to identify them. Select those files you want EaseUS MobiSaver APK to recover, click scan and EaseUS MoBiSaver will extract your lost photos and videos.

EaseUS MoBiSaver will then allow you to save your recovered files on your computer or restore them back onto the device.

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Product Advantages: EaseUS MobiSaver is perfect for anyone who has accidentally deleted photos, video clips or contacts from their Android phone’s storage by mistake! With EaseUS MobiSaver you can easily recover deleted media files from your Android device no matter where they are.

EaseUS MoBiSaver is a powerful data recovery software that supports many popular file formats for both photos and videos, making it easy to find what you’re looking for!

Product Disadvantages: EaseUS MoBiSaver is only available for Android devices. EaseUS MoBiSaver does not support Windows, Mac or Linux as a platform to recover lost media files from your Android phone’s storage.

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