Whatsapp Status Saver App 2022

With Whatsapp Status Saver App You can download pictures as well as videos of your friends’ WhatsApp status. This app can save status of video and photo statuses quickly. This Images & Videos Status Downloading application is the app you’re looking for!

Status download application can assist users download WhatsApp status photos and images in a few easy steps. It’s super speedy and totally free. The Download Status app is compatible with WhatsApp Download and Status application. It is easy to save pictures and videos using WhatsApp Status. Saver app is available for WhatsApp is a tiny application that saves statuses to the gallery.

The most efficient video status saving application can be used to save the most recent status videos. The best way to download images and video statuses without having to share their status. Status Saver app can assist you in downloading status for Whatsapp quickly and speedy manner.

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This way, you can view the downloaded status images and videos at any time, and video savers to use for WhatsApp business, anytime you want, or give them to your others, or post the status you downloaded in other media. Save status and view statuses of friends not being seen

How to use?

1. Open Status Save for WhatsApp – Save Images & Videos

1. You can open WhatsApp and look at the statuses of your friends’ stories.

3. Back to Status Saving for WhatsApp.

4. Choose the status you’d like to save for the duration of time.

3. Press the download icon then save all the information that you would like to save.


Features of Whatsapp Status Saver

  • It is simple to use.
  • Simple and clean tab view.
  • Status of friends’ statuses, but not being
  • Support for multi saving and deletion.
  • Images & videos in different tabs
  • Assistance WA Status WA Business, Dual Space Parallel space and GB Status
  • Support for downloading the entire HD video and images.
  • You can play videos offline using the built-in video player.
  • Take photos offline using the gallery built-in to your computer.
  • It is easy to share or share downloaded videos and pictures of WhatsApp Status
  • Small size and light

Status Application for WhatsApp Save Images and Videos is an individual video saver as well as a story downloader to download the entire collection of WhatsApp Videos and Status pictures. Downloader app with easy steps to download status videos and images to your phone and save videos and photos for as long as you like.

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The Whatsapp Status Saver as well as Video Collector is a storage place to store photos, stories and status updates that lets you reuse the status for the purpose of revisiting and republishing in the same status. The best way to save videos and images is to save them in a status that you do not need to request someone to share.

Status Download on WhatsApp from the official store You can remove any unneeded images or videos. With the built-in media player, you is able to play the entire videos you have saved. This is an effective download tool to check WhatsApp status. It is a must be installed and tested.


The Status Download app isn’t associated with WhatsApp. It’s a tool that allows WhatsApp images and video download.

We respect the copyright rights of the owner. So, do not save or repost images, videos, or media clips without permission of the creators. You must ensure that you have the legal right to protect the state before saving or sharing.

If you have suggestions or concerns about the The Status Download feature of WhatsApp and Download Images & Videos App, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as you can.

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