YouTube Vanced MOD APK 17.03.38 (Premium Unlocked)

YouTube Vanced MOD APK 17.03.38 (Premium Unlocked)

YouTube is now a significant aspect of our lives, to the point where we are watching YouTube nearly every second of our working day. Between breakfast and lunch time, during times when we’re at work, or when we’re having a break and all the way to. That’s why Google’s YouTube app is the second most frequently used Android application in the world, following Facebook and Instagram..

But, if you’ve tried it for long enough you’ll have noticed some drawbacks to the application. It isn’t equipped with many modifications, a simple video interface, and a lot of other features that are available to Android users. That’s why a lot of people dislike using the YouTube official application that comes from Google.

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We also have amazing alternatives to apps such as YouTube Vanced. In this article we’ll review of this app developed by the team Vanced. Find out why it’s become the most well-known YouTube application available to Android users.

What are the implications?

As with the official YouTube app by Google this app permits users to use all the features available in its official YouTube version. However, it has a an easier and more compact interface. This makes for better experiences for the majority of Android users.

Most importantly, it eliminates everything that users aren’t happy with in the official version of YouTube that are annoying advertisements as well as a boring interface to videos and numerous other things. Therefore, it lets users fully manage their YouTube application, with access to all of the features that are required.

Requirements For YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is built on the official YouTube application and is appropriate for the majority of Android devices available. Additionally the app can be utilized on both Root and Non-Root devices. All you have do is install and download the APK file on their website.

Additionally, ensure you install also the Micro G file, which is also available on the official website for the application. It is necessary to have this file in order to sign in to your account making use of YouTube Vanced. Once you’ve finished setting it your account, the only thing you have to do is launch the app and enjoy.

Amazing features of YouTube Vanced

Take advantage of all the YouTube’s features, YouTube and much more

As YouTube Vanced is built off the version that is official, creators retain all the essential features that are adored by the majority of users. This is why you’ll enjoy all features available in the official YouTube application when you download this. Furthermore, it has the same interface as the original version. Therefore, users who are new to the app will find it user-friendly when they’ve previously utilized the official YouTube app previously.

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Watch videos with floating windows.

In the beginning, the application lets users watch their preferred videos while doing other things using devices like Android devices. When this is enabled it is possible to create an open-ended window that shows the content of your YouTube videos. This means that you can enjoy YouTube videos while surfing the internet or taking notes.

Enjoy music playing in the background

Furthermore, users can also stream YouTube music video clips in YouTube while in background mode, which allows users to perform other tasks using their smartphone without the need to launch their YouTube application. In reality you can disable your smartphone’s screens but still listen to the music. This is an extremely beneficial feature for those who frequently listen to music through YouTube.

Change the resolution

When watching videos with the YouTube Vanced application, users can alter the resolution of the videos to fit their screen. But, this isn’t all. You can also alter the resolution limit of your video and convert them into different resolutions so that they be compatible with your phone. This feature will be extremely useful for phones equipped with the latest 18:9 screen ratio , as you’ll be benefit from the bigger screen.

Eliminate all ads that are annoying

The most important thing is that YouTube Vanced lets users be free of all the irritating advertisements that keep popping out when they’re watching their videos. So, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted video without being interrupted by unwelcome advertisements. If you wish to subscribe to specific channels, you can nevertheless watch advertisements on the videos of those channels.

Swipe controls that are intuitive and easy to use

The app comes with an intuitive swipe control system, which allows users can easily alter certain aspects in the video to help make it more enjoyable. This means that you can swipe up and down by placing your fingers on both side of the video to turn up or decrease the sound and brightness. This will ensure a seamless video experience because you don’t be required to use physical buttons.

Theme different

To let users take advantage of the features of their YouTube application, and even more, the developers of YouTube Vanced have added a customizing theme feature. You can effortlessly change between themes that include Black, Dark, and White. If you’re looking for something which will soothe your eyes eye, it is suggested that the Black as well as Dark theme are the right way to take. If you’re looking to shield your eyes from damage opt for one of the White theme. Based on your personal preferences and preferences, you can pick the one that suits you best.

Auto-repeat videos

Another aspect that makes this app so popular is the option to auto-repeat videos. This means that with YouTube Vanced, customers are able to decide to play their preferred videos at any time they like. You can easily play your playlist or MV several times without needing to change the settings.

Zoom into or out in your videos.

With YouTube Vanced users also have the ability to zoom into and out of their videos when watching these videos from their Android devices. This is very useful when you’re trying to find specific details in the video. But this will not work for low-resolution videos because it won’t be possible to observe everything.

Choose the best speed

Last but not least YouTube Vanced’s developers YouTube Vanced also deliver the personalized playing speed feature for users of the Android platform. This lets you easily change the speed at which you playback your videos, making for fun and excitement.

Free to use

We’re grateful to the creator of Team Vanced for keeping the application free to download. With all the amazing features, it’s quite surprising to discover that they will not charge you a penny for the app. If you enjoy the app, please share it with your friends and family or make a donation to the creators to help them get more recognition.


But, you may encounter these disadvantages regarding:

The setting is a bit complicated

In order to properly utilize the app users should have a certain information about YouTube Vanced as well as its features. Therefore, make sure to spend time reading and watching tutorials so that you be able to understand the basics of the application. However, the majority of new users will find the app quite difficult to navigate, particularly with regard to the more advanced features.

There is no assistance by Google Play Store

Since the app been found to have violated terms of Terms of Services from Google Play Store, it is not be available on the platform. This is the reason you’ll need to download an APK file from different sources. The best option is to go to their official site or our own site to obtain the top version. This will also ensure that you’re safe from malicious viruses or.

You can download YouTube Vanced & MicroG latest 17.25.34 APK for Android

YouTube Vanced remains one of the top YouTube applications for Android users. And , with regular updates by their developers, YouTube Vanced is set to get even better.

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