Zakat Calculator Pakistan

The Zakat Calculator Pakistan is an utility that enables Muslim around the sector to calculate Zakat in US dollars. The main purpose of Zakat calculator is to allow Muslims to find out how a whole lot Zakat they should pay after deducting their liabilities and personal requirements from total quantity and belongings they posses.

The App also includes a Nisab tab in which Nisab is the quantity of wealth that makes someone susceptible to pay Zakat. Furthermore, there are frequently requested about questions on Zakat as well. You also can proportion the utility on fb and twitter wherein your pals can down load this application by using journeying iTunes link.

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Zakat Calculator Pakistan

Don’t know the way to calculate your zakat (Zakah)? This app is particularly designed for you. A simple tool to calculate your every year zakat. First pick out category (gold, silver, business, agriculture, etc.) and enter the houses you have, in each of the categories. Zakat calculator will automatically calculate zakat from every of them and give you very last results.

Zakat, one of the five pillars of Islam, is a compulsory act of worship that requires Muslims with wealth over a positive threshold (Nisaab) to donate a part of percentage, typically 2.5%, to folks that fall into one or more of eight classes designated with the aid of Allah within the Quran.

Best Zakat Estimater

Use this App to without problems calculate the quantity of your overall annual Zakat. Donate your Zakat by way of the usage of reliable Humanitarian Organizations and fulfil the obligation of paying Zakat to support human beings in need.

Well, there’s a good information for you! You won’t have to worry about that anymore. Because, with the app in hand, you could calculate anytime, anywhere, and also discover your eligibility for Zakat. Just down load and use.

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